You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done which may take you sometime, you are fierce with reality. -Florida Scott Maxwell
I found this quote in a journal I kept circa 1998 while living in Calexico. I remember finding it empowering but at 23, I was far too afraid and immature to take ownership of who I was. I'm turning 39 next month and as I was going through my old thoughts on paper I realized that this quote best sums up where my head is these days. There is no more fear or shame. Time, maturity, and continual waves of happiness and sadness washing over my psyche throughout the years seem to have naturally taken away much of the anxiety of what I have and have not done in my past. I love that I live in the age of the internet but am able to remember when it did not exist. In the past, it would have been a cumbersome effort to find more information on Florida Scott- Maxwell. Especially while living in Calexico as I remember the card catalogue at the Library drove me crazy.  After 2 clicks, I found out she was a twentieth century playwright, Jungian analyst and suffragist. In her 80's, she wrote a book called The Measure of My Days which according to a review "offers a panoramic vision of the issues that haunt us throughout our lives: the struggle to achieve goodness; how to maintain individuality in a mass society; and how to emerge--out of suffering, loss, and limitation--with something approaching wisdom"
This woman who is almost 100 years older than me writes about the aging process and how "one feels both cut off from the past and out of step with the present; when the body rebels at activity but the mind becomes more passionate than ever"
It is amazing- there are just some thoughts that are timeless and universal.
Our paths on this earth may be intricate and as unique as a labyrinth but the human condition of approaching our finality is a common, unified mental process we all share.